Gather the Elements

Los Gatos, CA

With a brief calling for a major remodel and addition to a 1910 era character house classed as a protected historic building, the goal was to maintain the scale and detailing of the original cottage while adding more than double the original footprint. Our strategy was to add a second structure behind the original and join it to the front with a flat roofed family room. The new structure in back houses three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The original front part of the residence contains the entry, living, dining and kitchen. The family room in the middle joins the two and helps negotiate the level change between the masses. The family room opens to a side garden
courtyard next to the restored original (and also historic) garage. Since they were on the same level we used painted wood siding for garage and family room while using cement plaster for the two pavilions of the house. The garage was excavated under and a wine cellar added.


Michael McKay

Staff Architect:
Patricia Carpentieri
Now working as 9 Cranes Design
Oakland, CA

Howard Construction
17460 High Street
Los Gatos, CA

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