Crafted Queen Anne

Los Gatos, CA

Our clients purchased this parcel with an original, remodeled-beyond-recognition Queen Anne Victorian house on it. The structure was so decrepit and so little remained of the original detailing that the Los Gatos Historic Preservation Committee approved its demolition.

We designed the new house with some of the memory of the original. We kept the theme of front porch and clipped-corner front gable. We moved the porch to the south side, and wrapped it around the corner to provide summer shading. We tucked three bedrooms into the second floor gable roof and hid the garage under the house.

Gina Tuckfield purchased hand-crafted art tiles from her native Michigan to accent the kitchen and bathrooms, and hand beaded the many chandeliers herself. The pale green countertop is tufa stone, the backsplash is Carrera marble cut in a subway tile brick pattern.

We created an outdoor trellised living room that links the main living spaces of the house to the garden below. Gina added her own curtains to the structure, giving it an indoor/outdoor feeling.

Each of the four bedrooms pictured here was given its own unique feeling. We created the basic geometry of the rooms but Gina took it the rest of the way by imparting to each room her designer touch.

Shown here are the guest room, nursery, son’s bedroom, and daughter’s bedroom.


Ed Lazzarini, Lazzarini Construction Inc.
San Martin, CA
408 497 6615

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