Complete Makeovers

Some of our projects involve taking an existing structure and re-imagining it. It could be a house in a style that is no longer in style or which no longer works with the needs and expectations of a 21st century client. It could be a residence which was so poorly designed, so neglected, or one that was formerly remodeled out of recognition. In these cases if the structure still has value, whether from a economic or regulatory standpoint, we find a way to use what is there but feel free to start from scratch stylistically.

In these projects we have the liberty to rework the building forms, the fenestration, cladding, detailing, and colors. Many of our projects start with a dated and cheaply constructed 1950s to 1970s Ranch style house and either take the house back in time in terms of style or visually update it. In either case we improve the building function, make it work for our clients lives, bring it closer to current building practice and code, and make it more pleasing to the eye.

This sort of project is in many ways the most dramatic, one starts with something ordinary, drab, or even offensive and transforms it into something completely different, breathing new life into it in an unexpected way. The benefits of this project direction can be enormous, much of the existing building can be re-used thus saving money and resources. Often, the building can be made more functional and energy efficient than if we stayed with the original architectural style. What is also important to us is that we can often work to honestly express the taste and desires of our clients in ways that would not otherwise be possible.