Additions in the Tradition

One class of the remodel and addition type of project involves taking a building that is already strongly rooted ina particular stylistic tradition, then adding to it and remodeling it in such a way that respects that tradition while making the building work for our 21st century clients.

A single story Arts and Crafts cottage might become a two story Arts and Crafts house. Same architectural vocabulary, materials, and detailing but re-worked to fit modern needs. A Spanish Colonial house with poor massing and diluted detailing could be reworked in the same style but in such a way as to reinforce all the good qualities and eliminate all of the failures of the original building.

Sometimes an original gem is neglected and it’s glory or charm faded. Our task then is to preserve and enhance what gave it character in the first place. Preservation though is often not enough. Our clients live differently than the original building owners. The way they live their lives is different; their expectations changed with the times.