Landscape Structures

Our work does not end with the design of the primary residence or building. We believe that good architecture extends beyond the building and into the landscape. In our work in other project types, we think about the landscape even when we are not specifically hired to design them. The building design has to take the exterior into account.

We are often hired to design the structure of the landscape along with our houses. We leave plant selections to more able professionals. We also design a wide variety of landscape structures including decks, terraces, pools, spas, cabanas, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and shade structures.

Pool houses (or cabanas) can either be derivative of the main home’s design or can stand alone with their unique identity, which can be playful or even whimsical. Their commonality is their indoor/outdoor connection and their function as social entertainment areas. Pool houses evoke positive connotations: friends and family relaxing and socializing together, and their design should reflect this.

Shade structures can be used for a variety of purposes. We have designed pool-side shade structures that give a reprieve from the summer sun within reach of the pool, shade structures as outdoor dining rooms, and even outdoor living rooms. We have designed a couple of shade structures that double as support structures for solar arrays, both for pool water heating and for photovoltaic systems.