Arts and Crafts Period Colonial

San Mateo Park, CA

The exterior of the house is “American Colonial meets Arts and Crafts,” which gave us license to play with both styles in our addition and in our interior detailing. Cabinetry and tile detailing in this kitchen evoke the Arts and Crafts interior detailing of this 1920s house. The white tile and cabinetry in the kitchen create a light, bright space even in this windowless location.

A windowless kitchen provided a common design problem. We intentionally placed the kitchen at the heart of the house where it could serve the formal dining room, informal dining area, butler’s pantry, and family room. To ensure that the kitchen was airy and light, we opened it up to the informal dining through a large cased opening, which gave it views through this room to the garden. To link to the family room and provide views of the backyard, we created an eating counter in an arched opening that echos the arch in the range niche beyond.

The pantry’s darker, more detailed cabinetry plays off the detailing in the Colonial-style dining room. The countertop is made of zinc.


Michael McKay

Staff Architect:
Patricia Carpentieri
Now working as 9 Cranes Design
Oakland, CA

General Contractor:
Michael Crowley, Crowley Construction Inc.
Redwood City, CA
Phone: 650-780-3320

Interior Designer:
Kim Palmer, Kim Palmer Designs
San Mateo, CA
Phone - 650-348-6038

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