Most of my work in New Zealand is newly completed so I have far fewer New Zealand projects shown on this site than my California work. Most of the work featured here is the work I completed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and greater California. The conditions (climate, seismicity, building materials and methods) in California and New Zealand are quite similar and cultural influences and histories almost parallel so much of of my California work translates well to New Zealand. That said, my work is taking new direction in my new home.

My work ranges from new contemporary residences to new traditional residences, from complete makeovers to residential remodels working within the style of the original building. I also design a variety of landscapes and landscape structures , usually in association with my residential project work. These include structures such as pool houses, pergolas, decks, terraces, and swimming pools, spas, and water features.

Whilst most of my work is residential I have also completed more than a few commercial projects, all in California. These ranged in size from entire new office buildings to individual tenant improvements. I designed a mixed use (residential/office) building, several small office buildings, an auto dealership, and an outdoor dining & performance space for an existing restaurant.

My designs encompass a range of traditional and modern styles. I work with existing historic buildings, restoring, remodeling or adding to them in their own style. I also design new buildings in older historic styles and continue to work in new and original contemporary directions.